I create my own events – and I contract my event production services

Event Manager

Sparky’s Carnival

What I am most proud of is Sparky’s Carnival.

I developed the idea of creating a holistic and healthy, creative arts based event for Gold Coast kids.

The carnivals have grown quickly into an amazing experience for all attendees, and are now fully supported by GCCC’s Active and Healthy program.

I am currently holding 4 themed Sparky’s Carnivals each year – and have plans for spin off events and taking the show on the road.

The photograph to the right is Madison and I on the cover of the Gold Coast Sun newspaper promoting Superheroes Unleashed!

Event Production Services on the Gold Coast

No matter the size and scope of your planned event, my versatile skillset, vast experience, and positive attitude could provide a valuable addition to your team.

I have a creative imagination to think of possibilities, logical thought to gauge their viability, and the knowledge and tools to bring them to life.

From Website development, Social Media integration, Location scouting, sourcing all of the required equipment, creating an event plan, and seeing it through.

I have worked on the Bleach* Festival 2013, The Color Run, at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, and Feast Palm Beach, as well as many smaller projects.

Whether you require someone to grab your event by the horns and look after it top to bottom, or simply need an extra set of hands on your event day, I welcome your contact to discuss your requirements.