Nigel Coates

Hi there, my name is Nigel Coates.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications from Southern Cross University.

For the next ten years I ran a successful production company in Sydney. With an initial focus on TV commercials and Corporate Videos, I was responsible for the scripting, filming and editing of content for some of Australia’s largest companies.

“I loved those days… I got to travel the world and see parts of Australia I would have never had the opportunity to see. I really was just a big kid playing with toys!”

The needs of my clients changed with the developments in technology and my company shifted towards the creation of CD-ROMs and websites – that pushed the fore-front of e-commerce and video streaming solutions.

“We were pioneers in those days. We had to encourage people to pay online with a credit card for the first time … and create videos worth waiting for the download on a 56kb dial-up modem. Ahh … How times have changed.”

Swayed by love and looking for new challenges, I changed focus and became the Marketing Manager of a Mexican Import business. Understanding the needs of marketing from this different perspective (It was my $$ I was spending) opened my eyes to all I could achieve.

“I first heard about the ‘internet’ in my second year of university. It was brand new. It has been such a pleasure to ride the wave from the beginning, as no one knew back then how it would affect our daily lives all these years later. It is such an amazing creature – and who knows how we will be using technology in 20 years from now. The journey continues!”

I have filled various production roles on several U.S. Feature Films shot on the Gold Coast, and have several independent and profitable web-based projects of my own that have all climbed to the top of their desired markets.

I enjoy managing the marketing and communication process – as I can combine my vast wealth of experience in both the technical and creative aspects of marketing and content creation.

“The environment changes … the technology changes … but the core principle is the same; Effective Communication.”